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10 Ways to Boost Your Immune System This Winter

Winter is well and truly here in Aus, and along with it comes all sorts of yukky viruses. The challenge is how do you stay healthy while everyone around you seems to be getting sick? Here are a few different ways tried and tested by myself and my family to boost your immune system and tricks for staying well if you do get sick this winter:

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The Dirty Dozen and The Clean 15

If your wanting to make the move toward a more healthy lifestyle this is a very handy guide. The Environmental Working Group or EWG has released its 2018 annual Dirty Dozen and Clean 15 lists, highlighting the fruits and vegetables most and least likely to harbor pesticide residues. It serves as a solid reminder that we still have a lot of work to do when it comes to cleaning up the food system. We advise choosing and growing organic as often as possible, but if you’re on a budget, sometimes it’s just not an option or your selection is limited, these lists help you focus your attention on avoiding the most contaminated fruits and veggies.

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Are Healthy Diets More Expensive?

Healthy food has the reputation of being more expensive, and when you compare it with dirt cheap fast food, it really does seem a lot of money. I mean a burger and chips at a big chain can cost around $5 , but a healthy Poke bowl might set you back $15. What an outrage! But if we break it down and look at what’s actually IN the foods we eat, we start to discover that you get more bang for your buck, when the food is nutritious, wholesome, organic and other words, healthy! A study that was done by Harvard Medical Centre worked out that eating a healthy diet only cost $1.50 more per day than eating a highly processed unhealthy diet. That’s not even half a cup of coffee!!

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