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Are Healthy Diets More Expensive?

Healthy food has the reputation of being more expensive, and when you compare it with dirt cheap fast food, it really does seem a lot of money. I mean a burger and chips at a big chain can cost around $5 , but a healthy Poke bowl might set you back $15. What an outrage! But if we break it down and look at what’s actually IN the foods we eat, we start to discover that you get more bang for your buck, when the food is nutritious, wholesome, organic and other words, healthy! A study that was done by Harvard Medical Centre worked out that eating a healthy diet only cost $1.50 more per day than eating a highly processed unhealthy diet. That’s not even half a cup of coffee!!

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5 Tips For Eating Out If You Have An Allergy

Allergies / intolerances / special diets can be a bit daunting to manage when first diagnosed. Especially when it comes to eating out. You wonder how it’s ever going to be possible. My son has had food intolerances for years and we also see lots of people on a daily basis in our cafe who are on special diets for a range of reasons, so we thought we’d help compile a little list to help you venture out happily and safely. Firstly, instead of focusing on what you can’t eat, why don’t you flip the thought, and get excited bout all the new foods you can try!

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