Meet Mama – P

Mama P is about making real food with real flavour that everyone can enjoy.
It’s a small family run and owned business, based in Newcastle NSW by James and Kylie Pheils, who set about looking for healthy treats after their 2 energetic boys were born.

Apart from wanting to provide the best possible start for these little growing bodies, their youngest suffered allergies, asthma and eczema, so they set about cutting chemicals, preservatives, additives and processed sugars from their diets.

The problem was though, upon closer inspection of ‘mainstream’ ingredient lists there were not many options left on the supermarket shelves, even so called health products were not so healthy after all. So, they started making their own treats. After all, what’s life without something sweet!

Mama P was established in January 2014, after much pleading from family, friends and colleagues to share their amazing guilt free treats with everyone.
We began crafting our handmade products and wholesaling them to local Café’s who also had customers wanting healthier snack alternatives.

Our focus is to provide food that is enjoyable, enhances your health and wellbeing, is affordable and accessible to everyone whilst tasting amazing at the same time. We believe eating more real, less processed foods is the key to wellness.

Mama P’s range of health foods are delicious and nutritious. We do understand that everyone is on a different food and health journey, so we try to cater for all types of dietary requirements. We are predominantly plant based but also use ethically sourced wild or grass fed proteins. We always use no processed sugars, no gluten or dairy, minimal grain and only use fermented soy products.

We always have options for vegans and those with nut allergies.

Here at Mama P we hand craft every batch by hand so you know you’re not only getting the freshest possible food but its nutrient dense, chemical free and flavoursome too.

Mama-P products are all about real food with real flavour and they will leave you feeling healthy, energised and satisfied.